Client Testimonials

“Shamrocks has been our third party servicer since 2007.   I worked closely with Shamrocks at my prior school since 2003 – over 13 years of dedicated financial aid services from Shamrocks.  Their fiscal and administrative management of Federal Student Financial Aid is thorough and complete, but the highlight of their service is the personal support and assistance they provide for me and my staff. I am always amazed at their quick response time, and their knowledge, experience and expertise. Service is their most important product.”  

Julie Ha, CEO




“Shamrocks was referred to me by one of their client schools that I know. Valley College of Medical Careers had just been granted National Accreditation and I was very concerned and somewhat apprehensive about approaching the U.S. Department of Education for the first time. Shamrocks guided our E-Application through Eligibility & Certification and at the same time gave me an education and an understanding of Federal Student Financial Aid basics. We had a clear path to participation and we had the preparation our staff needed for processing Federal Financial Aid. As I look back over the years of service from Shamrocks, what sticks out most for me is that they are always there when I need them most – whether it’s a complicated eligibility issue for a student or training and updating staff on current compliance requirements. Bottom line is Shamrocks saves us 3-5 students every year who otherwise would not have enrolled.”

Ronny Sussman, CEO




“I met Tim O’Neil and Shamrocks before CBD College was first accredited and then granted eligibility and certification by the U.S. Department of Education in 2000 to participate in the Title IV Programs of Federal Student Financial Aid. A lot has happened since then.  Our Non-Profit College has grown significantly to a large urban campus, developing multiple two-year degree granting programs and multiple certificate/diploma programs. Shamrocks has been with us all the way, working with our Financial Aid and Academic departments to better serve our students and prepare for our future.”

Alan Heshel, CEO

Community Based Education and Development, Inc.




“Shamrocks has had a long working relationship with Columbia College Hollywood (CCH) even before we moved to our present location in the San Fernando Valley at the former worldwide headquarters of Panavision Cameras in Tarzana. CCH is now accredited by The Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), by their Senior College and University Commission, and by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD). We now offer Bachelor of Fine Arts Degrees in Cinema and Cinema/Television and an Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Cinema/Television. We were a full service client of Shamrocks before they helped us move our financial aid operations “in house” several years ago. Since then we have continued our relationship on projects that  require their expertise; most recently a teach out program for a  closed sound recording school that involved the transfer of their students and their Federal financial aid to our College. We rely on Shamrocks for the accuracy of their information and the comprehensive assistance they provide. They are knowledgeable and trustworthy.”

Richard Crowe, Senior Director of Finance

Columbia College, Hollywood