Our Services

The Shamrocks Unlimited Team

Below is a list of the services that we provide:

  • Full Service Federal Student Financial Aid Administration, Funding & Fiscal Reporting
  • Annual Federal Fiscal Operations Report & Application for Funding (FISAP)
  • Annual Federal SFA Audit Preparation, Coordination & Corrective Action Plan Response
  • Enrollment Reporting (formerly Bi-Monthly Student Status Confirmation Reporting) & Direct Lending Reconciliations
  • Compliance Training for Specific Federal Requirements from the Code of Federal Regulations
  • Federal SFA Program Review Assistance & Management
  • Quarterly Newsletters & Bulletins Focusing on Federal Compliance Issues & Timelines
  • Customized Services & Products for Specific Clients Needs & Request
  • Applying for First-Time Title IV Federal Financial Aid Participation¬†

Federal Student Financial Aid Management
Shamrocks has a 39 year history of delivering excellent service. Our staff consists of 7 experienced and customer service driven professionals. Our goal is to take the stress out of your financial aid management process and ensure all funding is done correctly to prevent any negative audit exceptions. Efficient work results in increased enrollment and smooth audits. We are ready to serve.