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Derek Swafford
Chief Executive Officer

Derek joined Shamrocks in April, 2016 after 15 years in banking. His experience includes positions as Bank Vice-President and Regional President in Marketing and Sales at Wells Fargo Bank, Fremont Bank and Union Bank. Derek has been in the O’Neil family for 27 years, giving him insight into the business of Federal student financial aid. Derek attended UC Berkeley and graduated from the Haas School of Business. He directs the marketing and sales of our products and services.

Micaela O’Neil Swafford,
Chief Financial Officer and President.

Micaela rejoined Shamrocks in 2014 after working as a Publicist in San Francisco for 10 years. She currently manages enrollment reporting and student status updates for client schools. She started as a Receptionist in Customer Service while in high school and is now an experienced Financial Aid Officer and Specialist. Micaela graduated from UCLA with a bachelor’s degree in Art History.

Stephanie Portugal
Processing Supervisor

Stephanie joined Shamrocks in 2000 and manages Federal Student Financial Aid Packaging and Processing Services. She started as a Receptionist in Customer Service and is now an experienced Financial Aid Professional and Supervisor.

Kellye MacLeod
Financial Aid Administrator

Kellye rejoined Shamrocks in April, 2011 after 16 years in Federal Student Financial Aid Administration in private postsecondary education. In the process Kellye earned two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. Her extensive experience and expertise include Federal regulations compliance, Federal student financial aid packaging, Federal funds management and reporting and Federal systems operations. Kellye is a Senior Federal Student Financial Aid Associate at Shamrocks, performing services online and connecting to our proprietary software, The Federal Connection.

Nicholas Williamson
FA Specialist.

Nick joined the Shamrock team in 2018 assisting in the Fiscal and Processing Services departments. He now is a Lead in our technology department and processes a number of our schools as well. Graduated from UoP in 2020 with a major in Applied Economics and minor in Technology.

Tim O`Neil
Founder and Consultant

Tim founded Shamrocks in 1977. An experienced teacher and college administrator, Tim has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles and a Master of Arts Degree in American Studies from California State University in Los Angeles. Prior to beginning his career path in Federal student financial aid, Tim taught English at Verbum Dei High School in Los Angeles and became Director of Admissions at St. Xavier University in Chicago.